Michele Bönan: A Gentleman of Style

For those of you that follow this blog, you know that I have certain designers for whom I have intense crushes, Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre Yovanovitch, and Jean Dunand and being among them. I recently became familiar with the designer Michele Bönan and was immediately smitten.

Michele Bönan is a Florence based architect and interior designer who gained notoriety when he was tapped by the Ferragamo family in 1995 to design the first of their luxury lifestyle hotels, The Hotel Lungarno in Florence. He has gone on to design all of the Ferragamo hotels and recently published his first book, Michele Bonan The Gentleman of Style.

Mr. Bönan’s rooms are a combination of timeless, classic elegance infused with a modern edge. On Madison has put together a photo montage of some of our favorite rooms. Let the swooning begin…

michele-bonan-jkroma3 Un-nuovo-lusso-a-Roma-il-JK-Place-di-Michele-Bonan-Firenze-Architetti _full michele-bonan-the-gentleman-of-style-04 michele-bonan-the-gentleman-of-style-05 michele-bonan-jkroma-2 michele-bonan-jkroma michele-bonan-the-gentleman-of-style-06 michele-bonan-the-gentleman-of-style-03 michele-bonan-the-gentleman-of-style-02

Images via Michele Bönan The Gentleman of Style, Assouline Books.

Michele Bonan: The Gentleman of Style




Newport Style

There’s something hopelessly romantic about certain bygone eras.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, chronicled The Gilded Age, an era that exemplified a design style that was, to say the least, opulent.  Newport, R.I. is one of those places where we get to see a glimpse of those bygone eras and the rarefied lives of those with names like Vanderbilt. Newport, R.I., was, after all, the place where John F. Kennedy wed Jacqueline Bouvier. Ah, Camelot.

Modern day Newport Style is a polished brand of casual chic. The colors of sea and sky, natural fibers and perfectly imperfect finishes all combine to create a look that is always right. On Madison has put together our Newport scrapbook that will have you packing your Top Siders. Find links to all the images on our Pinterest board, Madison Modern Blog.

Newport, Rhode Island





Boston Style: Art, Design and Shopping

The art and shopping scene in Boston isn’t nearly on the scale of its east coast cousin New York, but you can still get your design and shopping fix. Boston is a walking city with neighborhoods that each have a distinctive flavor. So get on those walking shoes and you’re sure to discover something cool.

Boylston Street: This street meanders through some of the best and most high end shopping in Boston. But much to my delight it also hosts the Copley Square Farmer’s Market at the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth every Tuesday and Friday from 11 to 6. The vegetable displays are natural works of art.

Bountiful produce at the Copley Farmer’s Market.

Boylston IMG_2240

Boston Museum of Fine Arts: This is the 4th largest museum in the United States and well worth a visit. In addition to permanent American and European art exhibits, including a large selection of works by Monet, the current exhibit on Tech Style illustrates the synergy between technology and fashion and how people are interacting with fashion.

“Breathing Flower” by Choi Jeong Hwa.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Bicycle sculpture by Ai Wei Wei.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Ai Wei Wei

Wall sculpture in Red by Anish Kapoor.


Dress by Issey Miyake.


Dress by Alexander McQueen.


Blown mirrored glass, mirrors, metal, wood and electric lighting by Josiah McElheny.


Beacon Hill: Charm oozes out of every pore of this Boston neighborhood. Check out the antique stores and clothing shops and then stop for a bite at Tatte. I’m loving the antique hardware at Period Hardware.

Beautiful pastries on display at Tatte.


Antique hardware found at Period Furniture Hardware Co.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.38.38 PM

Beacon Hill streetscape.









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