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Those of you that follow this blog know I preach the gospel of fabulous lighting as part of any design makeover. Indoor lighting is the jewelry that can provide the sparkle, drama and ambiance to any decor. But, thankfully, outdoor lighting is now accomplishing the same thing. Savvy designers are using exterior lighting to create outdoor spaces that evoke the same awe and wonder we experience inside the house.

On Madison has assembled a collage of outdoor lighting that will inspire any exterior space and have you wondering why you can’t live outdoors all the time. See links to all our picks on Pinterest at Madison Modern Blog.




Spotlight: Fall 2016 Design Trends

It’s hard to imagine that the summer is coming to an end, especially when you live somewhere like L.A. where it seems to feel like summer year round. Anyhow, we’re looking forward to cooler weather (it couldn’t come any sooner) as well as showcasing a few of the trends happening in 2016 Fall fashion and furnishings. Here at On Madison we love to link the connections between fashion, art and interior design, and it’s impossible not to acknowledge how each one influences one another when it comes to trends and what’s “in” this year.

For Fall 2016, On Madison would like to share a few stylish trends we’d like to shine a spotlight on, specifically:

  • marble accents and details
  • “granny” florals all over the runways and interiors
  • raffia and other natural materials done up in a modern way
  • technicolor yet tastefully energetic stripes
  • metal/fur/leather in combination
  • Fall-2016-trend




Too Cool For Just School

It feels like there’s a whole lot of summer left, but believe it or not, many kids are back in school this week. Any of you with kids going back to school know that the key to not going crazy is an organized workspace where they can do their homework and, hopefully, keep their notebooks, books, and supplies neat and orderly.

Of course, On Madison believes that even a teenager’s work space needs to be stylish. Here are some of our favorite organizing goodies that combine form and function. Who knows, homework might even be fun!

Too Cool for School

Links to all products featured in the collage can be found on our Madison Modern Blog Pinterest board.




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