Form, Function, Fabulous!

Followers of this blog know we are obsessed by beautiful lighting. Great lighting can add drama and sparkle to any space. Lighting is certainly necessary and utilitarian, but what does it take for a light fixture to transcend mere functionality to become an object that can be considered art?

Lighting designers are pushing the envelope and blurring the lines between function and form and lighting as sculpture. Incorporating lighting that defies the norm can elevate a space to new levels of chic. On Madison is profiling the work of some of our favorite lighting designers whose ingenuity and creativity are creating pieces that successfully walk the line between function and high art.

A few of our favorite lighting designers spotlighted in the collage:

Apparatus, New York

Lindsay Adelman, New York

Delightfull, Europe

Roll & Hill, Brooklyn

Atelier de Troupe, Los Angeles



Making Us Blush!

Nude, apricot, peach, blush: whatever name you give it, we’re talking about that sultry shade of pink that just says “luscious.” Blush is hotter than ever right now and designers are showcasing pink in everything from upholstery to wall color.

We’re loving blush paired with gutsy colors like charcoal, black and garnet and metals like copper. Mix blush with lots of texture like fur, cerused woods and leather to prevent the room from looking too feminine. We love using blush on unexpected pieces like a blush velvet on a mid-century Italian lounge chair.

On Madison has put together a variety of looks using blush that will bring a little sexy back to your space.


Plaid, It’s Not Just for Christmas Anymore!

I know what you’re thinking…red and green plaids for Christmas, classic tartan plaid skirts that remind you of high school and somber plaids for the conservative banker look! If you were expecting this post to be old school, think again!

Plaid is a new modern and one of the hottest looks around for fall. Designers have rebranded plaid and we are seeing it pop up on the runways and in unexpected ways for home décor.

The key to the new plaid is how and where it is used. We especially love plaids in shades of black and white, blues and grays which mix well with a variety of decors. Plaids are showing up unexpectedly on mid-century benches, classic Parsons desks and Eames-style chairs. Plaids give a classic twist and bring warmth to even the most modern interiors.

On Madison has compiled some of our fave plaid looks for Fall that have us channeling our inner banker gone wild!

Links to images can be found on our Pinterest.


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